Belle Botanicals Skincare Review

Today’s focus on the blog is going to be on skincare. Skincare is one of the most important parts of a beauty regime. You can have the most luxurious and high end makeup products, but unless you’re taking good care of your skin, your makeup will never look as good as it can.

Over the last month, I’ve been trialling a range of skincare products from Belle Botanicals. Belle Botanicals are an Australian made and owned company created by Jacinta and her husband Matt. Their main focus from the beginning was to create a skincare line that is not only affordable, but also enriched with botanical based ingredients that are good for the skin.

Below is a product breakdown of what I’ve been using for the past month, along with my thoughts of each product and how well it has worked for my skin.

* For reference, I have dehydrated, very sensitive skin prone to breakouts and reactions.

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 5.58.30 PM.png

Belle Botanicals Facial Moisturiser for Dry Skin – $8.95aud

First up is the Facial Moisturiser for Dry Skin. Moisturisers are a big part of my daily skincare routine, so adding a new one specifically formulated for dry skin was exciting! It is enriched with several essential oils including Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Chamomile, Frankincense, Rose Geranium and Palmer’s Oils. I’ve been using this daily after cleansing in the morning and before makeup application. I allow half an hour for the product to absorb before makeup. As well as the essential oils, the product also contains Sunflower Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Shea Butter and Macadamia Oil, and Natural Vitamin E.

The moisturiser has been incredibly gentle on my sensitive skin, and doesn’t leave a greasy residue – it sinks right into the skin, leaving my face prepped and ready for foundation.


Belle Botanicals Cream Cleanser – $8.95aud


Cream cleansers are my favourite form of cleanser as they’re more suited to dry skin than foaming cleansers. The Cream Cleanser from Belle Botanicals is free of Parabens, Sulphates, Silicon, and Artificial Colours, making it extremely gentle on the skin. The creamy formula froths up slightly when massaged into damp skin, removing all traces of makeup (note that I use a micellar water on a cotton pad before clearing). I’ve been using it daily in the evening. Because it’s a milky cream formula, it doesn’t strip the skin of it’s natural oils, and I haven’t experienced that tight dry feeling that some cleansers cause. It does have a soft floral scent, but I haven’t experienced any irritation.


Belle Botanicals Facial Scrub – $12.95aud

The Facial Scrub is a dry skin beauty’s dream! Unlike chemical based exfoliators which have plastic microbeads which can tear the skin, the Belle Botanicals Facial Scrub is made with fine and course pumice stone, giving a much more gentle and environmentally friendly scrub. I’ts been the perfect scrub for removing dry skin, and retexturing the skin gently.


Belle Botanicals Facial Toner – $8.95aud

Although toners are not a necessary part of a skincare routine (most cleansers are now able to restore and maintain pH balance), they are extremely refreshing and calming on the skin. The Facial Toner from Belle Botanicals is a gentle water-based facial spray designed to restore pH levels and shrink pores. While I haven’t noticed any pore shrinking, it does help to refresh my skin after cleansing and before moisturising.


Belle Botanicals Revitalising Body Scrub – $14.95aud


Body scrubs are one of my favourite parts of a shower! It’s such a lovely way to remove dead skin cells and leave your body feeling soft and refreshed. The Revitalising Body Scrub delivers a soft exfoliation, with a rich creamy formula enriched with bamboo and raw sugar, as well as beautifully rich oils to moisturise and protect the new skin.


Belle Botanicals Green Clay Mask – $15.95aud


Like most people, I enjoy weekly pamper nights dedicated to nourishing my skin and apologising for all the makeup I apply to my face. One of my favourite ways to clear my pores and rejuvenate my skin is using Kaolin clay-based masks. The Green Clay Mask helps to draw out dirt and impurities and refresh the skin with Shea Butter, Aloe Vera and Macadamia and Soya Bean Oils to soften and replenish moisture to the skin.


Belle Botanicals Chocolate Lip Balm – $4.95aud OR Lip Balm Trio – $12.95aud.IMG_20160904_183854

Being a liquid lipstick connoisseur, I’m always battling against dry and peeling lips. Lip balms are an essential part of my day. The Chocolate Lip Balm from Belle Botanicals is such a beautiful lip balm. It not only smells delicious (like chocolate!), but it’s so incredibly hydrating and nourishing. It contains a blend of Coconut Oil, Lanolin, Sweet Almond Oil, Cocoa Butter, Beeswax and Shea Butter, providing lips with a deep hydration.


Belle Botanicals is such a beautiful brand, focusing on skincare that doesn’t hurt the bank account, or our precious environment. I’m so happy to have been given the opportunity to get to know this brand, and support a humble Australian business. I’d definitely recommend them to anyone looking to transition to plant based skincare, or those with sensitive skin. Knowing I can rely on gentle skincare that is going to nourish my skin without causing a reaction is such a beautiful thing.


Have you tried Belle Botanicals?

Thanks for reading!

Bronte xoxo

*Disclaimer: Products listed above have been provided for review purposes, and all opinions are my own. None of links provided are affiliate links.


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