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Brand Focus – Colourpop Cosmetics

Today on the blog, we’re going to be chatting about Colourpop Cosmetics, going in depth into my hits and misses within the brand. Like so many others, I was drawn into the hype by Youtube influencers and Instagram bloggers. There’s something about those metallic, creamy little eyeshadow pots and the crazy variety of colours that I couldn’t resist. It didn’t take long for me to become obsessed, and I’ve now made a number of orders from the website. Having said that, however, I do have some products that I definitely would not recommend.

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 3.51.17 PM

Supershock Shadows

Colourpop are definitely known first and foremost for their eyeshadows. They come in a variety of shades and finishes – metallic, ultra metallic, satin, pearlised, and matte.

Let’s talk formula for a moment; Cream? Gel? Marshmallow? Bit of all three, really. I would describe them as a gel-like cream formula, with a soft mousse texture. They set entirely and don’t budge all day.

Onto the swatches!


From Left to Right:

– Nillionaire (Metallic): A rich warm bronze shade with gold and multicoloured micro-shimmer. Super metallic with a beautiful colour payoff.

Wattles (Satin): A dusty beige with a pink shift and small micho-shimmer. Soft shade, perfect buffed into the crease.

– Luckfully (Pearlised): A super bright cobalt blue with a silver shimmer, in a silky pearlised finish. Intense colour payoff when applied with the finger.

– Liberty (Ultra-Metallic): An intense ultra-metallic true silver. Incredible colour payoff. Silver micro-shimmer.

 Sequin (Metallic): A coppery rose gold shade with tons of silver and gold reflects. Incredibly metallic, with a beautiful silvery shift.

– Cricket (Metallic): A stunning mid-toned plum/purple with a silver shift and rosy pink shimmers.

– Stereo (Metallic): A deep blackened burgundy with a violet and pink duo chrome with a rosy shimmer.

– Partridge (Pearlised): A true green & brown duo chrome with a soft shimmer throughout. Intense colour payoff.


From Left to Right:


– Central Perk (Matte):  A deep maroon shade, which despite being matte, has a slight blue shimmery shift throughout. Blends beautifully into the crease with a fluffy synthetic brush.

– Blaze (Metallic): Blaze is a chocolatey bronze shade with bright golden multi-dimensional glitter throughout.

– Weenie (Metallic): A true rose gold with pink shimmers and bright rosy glitter throughout. Intense colour when applied with the fingers all over the lid.

– Cornelious (Matte): A warm caramel brown with a very slight silvery shimmer. Makes for the perfect transition shade in the crease.

– Midnight (Metallic): A deep warm brown/black undertone with multidimensional golden glitter and shimmer throughout in a true metallic finish.

– Kathleenlights (Metallic): A very bright gold with multidimensional coppery glitters.

– Glow (Matte): A true creamy vanilla in a matte finish. The perfect brow bone highlight and matte inner corner brightener.

– Porter (Metallic): A bright warm burgundy with gold and silver flecks of multi-dimensional glitter throughout.

– Telepathy (Ultra-Metallic): Bright golden green with a bronze shift. Ultra metallic finish, giving a super intense colour payoff.



Colourpop suggest applying with either the finger or a synthetic eye brush. They do apply best with fingers, however to apply to the crease, they need to be applies with a brush. Metallics, in particular, will provide an intense colour payoff when applied with the fingertips.


My favourite finishes from the Colourpop shadows are the metallics and Ultra metallics as they have the most intense colour. Applied to the centre of the eye or all over the eyelid, the colour is incredibly pigmented and the duo chromes and shifts are very evident. The pearlised finishes are also really pretty and highly pigmented.


After playing around with the various finishes, I’ve decided that the matte shades really aren’t the best. Given the creamy gel-like formula, they aren’t easy to blend and build up into the crease, making it difficult to do a full eye look wit the shadows. I prefer to pair the metallic shades with a powdered matte eyeshadow in the crease. Having said that, though, I do like Cornelious blended into the crease, however it does take some time to build up. I’d suggest using a small synthetic crease brush and slowly work the colour into the crease. Overall, however, these are my only reservations with the Colourpop shadows.

Another thing to note; ensure that you’ve always got the lid screwed on tightly when not using the shadows. As they’re a wet cream formula, prolonged exposure to air and other elements can cause the shadows to dry out and lose their magical qualities.


All eyeshadows are $5 USD. With the currency conversion, they equate to approximately $8 AUD.
Shipping is where it gets expensive; outside of the US, shipping will cost between $15 & $25 USD.

Colourpop now deliver worldwide except China and Turkey.


What are your favourite picks from Colourpop?

Thanks for reading!

xoxo Bronte.


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